About Andre Booker


I called him that since he was a little boy. I used it as a term of endearment for our son Andre Terrell Booker. His sisters, friends, teammates, classmates used it as a nickname. What we all knew was that Andre was someone we loved to be around. Andre truly cared and loved his family and the people around him the most. He loved his son Lil Dre and he especially loved and was close to his mother. Dre and his mom would talk every day on the phone. The relationship and the bond that they had been like no other that I have ever seen. It was through this relationship with her and his death that we formed this foundation. Dre told his mom that after he was finished playing football and graduated from college, he wanted to come back and give back to his community. With this foundation we are fulfilling Dre’s dream. Andre was a very caring person. He was funny, athletic, smart and loving. He was someone I wish all of you could have met. Dre was a special young man and we want to share him with the world. We miss his laugh and his smile but most of all we miss Dre. When I would ask Dre how he was doing after a practice or over the phone how he was doing he would reply with “Pretty Good”. We want to make his community feel pretty good with The Andre Booker Foundation scholarships and our services to Andre’s community.