The Compassionate Friends

Supporting Family- After a Child Dies - Please Donate

The loss of our son Andre was very traumatic. It was and continues to be a very painful event in our lives.  We have all missed him very much since he has died. What has helped us make it through these very trying times has been going through grief counseling and support from love ones and organizations like The Compassionate Friends.

Our good family friend Dr. Randy Becker who has been by our side took us to our very first group session in San Antonio. What we found were that many families have gone through and our going through the loss of a child.  Our wish and desire is that no family ever lose a child but in case it does there are organizations like The Compassionate Friends who can help you through this.

Through The Compassionate Friends we were also able to find a support group for grieving parents, family and sibling. We are so thankful that these groups are around to help us go through this experience. For more information  please go to for local chapters .